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      4 products

      Baby Milk Bottle Prep Machines and Makers

      Discover how to make bottle feeding a breeze, with the help of our innovative Babymoov milk prep solutions. Each bottle prep machine and baby bottle warmer in our collection has been designed in line with NHS guidelines, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your little ones.

      Among our range of helpful milk prep products is the Milky Now baby bottle prep machine, which features a large capacity 1.1litre tank capable of boiling water to 100˚C, to make sure any harmful bacteria are destroyed. This handy baby bottle maker can also quickly cool the water down again to the desired temperature, with the aid of its built-in fan, so you can get on with preparing formula for your hungry baby. Another helpful feature of this formula prep machine is its ability to keep water warm for up to 6 hours, so you don’t need to boil it up again to make your next feed.

      Of course, once milk has been prepared, it’s vital to keep it warm. A must-have gadget you should add to your collection is a baby bottle warmer, such as the NutriSmart, which is adapted for use both at home and in the car. This versatile prep machine comes with 3 pre-programmed one-button functions and can warm a bottle in just 80 seconds, as well as being able to heat up food pouches and jars on the go.

      Add these safe and helpful products to your nursery and enjoy a convenient and hassle-free milk prepping routine that keeps both you and your little one satisfied.