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      Cosydream Newborn Sleep Support – with Head Shaping Pillow

      When your baby leaves the womb, it can be difficult for them to settle in this new, overwhelming environment. A newborn sleep support can help them to feel enclosed and protected as they snooze. These Babymoov Cosydream baby loungers are snug and comfortable for babies to relax, whilst also being suitable for use in cots, bouncers and more. The soft, womb-like shell of a baby nest provides security and reassurance to your baby, letting them reach a deeper state of calm and relaxation.

      There are many benefits to using a newborn sleep lounger from birth. For one thing, it provides a simple colic and reflux solution, as the detachable leg roll can be fully adjusted as your baby grows. Using a baby colic support ensures your baby’s legs are elevated for reflux prevention and any strain on the stomach muscles is subsided.

      The Cosydream baby nest range also features a built-in flat head prevention pillow for newborns. Plagiocephaly, also known as flat head syndrome, affects newborn babies when pressure is placed on one part of the baby’s skull for an extended period of time. This can often occur when babies sleep on their backs, which is recommended as the safest sleeping position for little ones.

      Using a newborn flat head syndrome pillow ensures that any pressure is evenly distributed across your baby’s head, preventing Plagiocephaly from developing. As well as the Babymoov Lovenest Pillow range, these newborn sleep supports feature a head shaping pillow for an all-in-one baby nest.

      As an all-in-one sleep lounger, your baby will get a snug shell for restful slumber, a solution for colic and reflux, as well as a newborn Plagiocephaly pillow to prevent flat head. Whether you’re looking for a baby lounger for the first 0-3 months or an adaptable baby support for when you’re on the go, you’ll find something you and baby will love in our sleep support collection.